My Testimony by: Saundra Fisher


                         My Testimony

                 by Mrs.Saundra ALston Fisher

   When I was 3 days old the first place my Mom took me to was The Kingdom Hall. I was taken there by my Mom until I was around 9 years old when my parents separated.

My Dad would take my sister and I to our Grandmother's house every Friday night for the weekend after that.

   Grandma would go to Church every Sunday morning and took me with her to The New Shiloh Baptist Church on Monroe Street. This Church wasn't like the Kingdom Hall at all, it was alive, the people were lively not just quietly sitting there...these people had something the people at the Kingdom hall didn't have.

The Pastor would get very loud and shout a lot at my Grandma's Church and I didn't understand it. As a little girl this frightened me and my Grandmother had a hard time getting me to go every Sunday, but one Sunday I started to actually listen to what he was saying.

That day a tearful 9 year old little girl stepped forward to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

   At home, I received no Christian training from my nonbelieving Dad; he wanted nothing to do with any kind of Religion or never even responded to words of faith.  At Grandma's, she didnt teach me anything at all about my newfound faith at all, probably because she knew new her son might not bring her granddaughter over anymore (I don't know), so I wasn't trained up (raised) with the right foundation and was unable to live a God fearing Christian life.

   I remembered the first teaching's I received at the Kingdom Hall and somehow sensed God wasn't in it at all, yet much Bible study and the truth of God's Word told me the Jehovah's Witnesses were not truly the right path; I believe God revealed this to me

(maybe because of my prayerful born again Grandmother) the Jehovah's Witnesses wasn't ruled by the true Spirit of God.

I said a prayer when I was a girl and asked God to reveal to me if it was truly His Spirit I discerned at the Kingdom Hall and at get togethers .. It wasn't, so I moved on, now knowing it was safe to walk away from the deception. 


   Year's passed (17), it was 1989 the year my Mom passed and I found myself alone (I went to go live with her after my parent's separated) and a high school dropout illprepared by my parents to make it on my own, trying to survive was not easy, and doing wellseemed to be out of the question. I ended up on the infamous "Block" after dancing at "Boots and "The Red Room".

Drinking alcohol seemed to get me through a degrading way of life that I absolutely hated. Soon I began to do hard drugs ..

crack and others and of course prostitution was going on in the "showbars". I took breaks 1 1/2 years of dancing and 1 year of cashiering and other decent jobs after seeing how being a stripper had used up some older women and made them look bad. 

From 1989 —2005 this went on till I couldn’t stand it and cried out to God to save me.

Since I was alone it took awhile but He got me out gave me a new life and I met my husband in 2007.

It’s been over 10 years since God delivered me from drugs and I don’t drink anymore, maybe 2 wine coolers every 3 months; I hate the feeling of being drunk or even starting to get there.

The most important part is you have to be REALLY DONE with it, make it your enemy,

pour it out or flush it because that’s where alcohol and drugs belong.



I hope I have been able to help somebody else out telling hurting people the Remedy for all that ails our Human Race. Jesus said 'you were freely given to; freely give.'

I care and love people and hope someone has found the Lover of their soul on this site.

I don't have a Masters degree or a Phd but such as I have I give to you as I have been freely given to by the Lord.

Much love to all people.

I hope to see you on the other side with Jesus, so I can say " You made it!" and give you a big hug.

God bless You,

Sincerely Sandy.

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